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We build our spectrometers with your struggle in mind. Our innovative spectrometer offers unprecedented spectral bandwidth between Mid-IR and THz wavelengths (1 µm – 300 µm) without changing the beamsplitter! Together with the high resolution and incredibly compact size, it is one of the most competitive devices in the market for spectroscopy.

We deliver high-quality measurements for your research without wasting lab space, budget and time.

Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional performance

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We create our products with the need of our customers in mind.

Here is what you get.

Marc IMira

  • FeaturesExtreme specifications in a compact box! It's perfect to be stored and taken out whenever needed and covers throughout its custom software all requirements for your measurements in laser characterization. Fiber connectivity or free standing? Both options are possible.
  • ApplicationsThis device is perfect for characterizing mid-infrared lasers, for example, OPCPA's and QCLs, high power THz sources such as accelerator or tabletop based THz, as well as blackbody radiation sources. We focused on creating a small box for laser-companies and research facilities that can be easily moved and carried around.

Marc IIMira

  • FeaturesThis small device is an Upgrade to the MIRA Marc I and delivers measurements with the same Quality and Speed as it's sister-device. The main difference is the addition of an ATR-Sample chamber to perform material measurements in the whole spectral range betrween Mid-IR and THz ranges.
  • ApplicationsThis little box is perfect for measuring material compositions with high sensitivity and resolution. The ATR-FTIR sample chamber makes tedious sample preparations obsolete. This little helper is your friend if you need to measure material compounds such in Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Cosmetics, and where ever you can imagine.

From InsideThe Lab

Currently, we are developing our idea in a small lab on the campus of Deutsches-Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg. Located in the middle of one of the most innovative and scientific facilities in Germany we have access to the top technologies and equipment, and most importantly to the experience of experts in the fields of Mid-infrared and THz spectroscopy. We learn every day about the struggles of our customers and work on creating the most suitable solutions!

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Top Performance

We strive every day to reach new heights in key features such as broad spectral range, resolution, and measurement speed. We want to make your life easier and break the limits of your research.

Made with you in mind

Our research process is based on the needs of our customers. Before we even started building our very first version of the Mira I, we interviewed potential clients from both science and industry and extrapolated the key features you find in our products today.

You are part of our Team

Let’s be honest: our idea wouldn’t be possible to live without you. That’s why we don’t see customers as foreign entities but rather as members of our team, which help us develop new ideas and strive for better performance.

Behind the scenesThe Team behind this madness

We are Ekaterina and Erik – founders of this Start-Up and the crazy people who grind every single day to make this company work and to affect research in science and industry positively.

Learn how this madness began and what makes us wake up every day early in the morning with excitement for new opportunities.

Ekaterina & Erik are an exceptional Team, since each one of them comes from different background. Together they cover all expertise needed to make this happen. Lutz Junge

Dedication & ExperienceDemonstration Needed?

Interested in one of our ultra-broadband spectrometers? Located on the Campus of the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY), our Lab offers an unparalleled showcase of our skill and competence. See in person how we can impact your research in a big way with our small device.

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