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We build the world's most compact & broadband spectrometers for science and industry

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We strive every day to reach new heights in key features such as broad spectral range, resolution, and measurement speed. We want to make your life easier.

Made with you in mind

Our research process is based on the needs of our customers. Before we even started building our very first version of the Mira I, we interviewed potential clients from both science and industry and extrapolated the key features you find in our products today.

You are part of our Team

Let’s be honest: our idea wouldn’t be possible to live without you. That’s why we don’t see customers as foreign entities but rather as members of our team, which help us develop new ideas and strive for better performance.

Ekaterina & Erik are an exceptional Team. Each of them comes from a different Background so that together they cover all the experience needed to make a Tech-StartUp work. Lutz Junge - innodock

We take complex scientific measurements and make them work with a push of a button

Our idea is gaining media support throughout the Startup-World

We are extremely excited to announce that Inospec made it to the Finalists of the Hamburg Innovation Award! #HHIS We would like to invite you to our Stand at the Hamburg Innovation Summit on 02 June 2022 in Fischauktionshalle! We are very proud! Pass by and learn how our innovative spectrometer can address every consumer industry in the world!

Frequently asked questions

Are the devices vacuum-compatible?

Yes! The innovative miniature vacuum pump allows to evacuate the device down to 100 mbar. Lower vacuum level and integrating into ultra-high vacuum environments are possible on request.

What is the resolution?

The resolution of both MIRA I and MIRA II systems is 1 cm-1.

Can I already buy it?

We are currently in the development phase of our first working prototype and working intensely to miniaturize the device. Feel free to sign up to our newsletter and stay tuned about the updates.

How is it different from any other FTIR device on the market?

We deliver first miniature ultra-broadband spectrometers, covering the spectral range between 1 µm and 300 µm in a single scan. Due to a new innovative beamsplitter concept it is also 2x more sensitive than a typical FTIR device on the market. It’s also 10x times smaller than any existing device with comparable specifications.

Who are your devices made for?

MIRA I miniature ultra-broadband spectrometer is most suitable for Mid-IR and THz development development laboratories (perfect for QCL and OPCPA laser characterization).

MIRA II spectrometer is planned to suit quality control laboratories in pharmaceutical and polymer production industries.

We build our spectrometers with your struggle in mind. Our innovative spectrometer offers unprecedented spectral bandwidth between Mid-IR and THz wavelengths (1 µm – 300 µm) without changing the beamsplitter! Together with the high resolution and incredibly compact size, it is one of the most competitive devices in the market for spectroscopy.

We deliver high-quality measurements for your research without wasting lab space, budget and time.

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